Workington AFC Simply Reds Lottery Results – November 2014

Workington AFC Simply Reds Lottery Results – November 2014

1st £500 1504 Joanna Fleming Main Street Greysouthen
2nd £100 818 Brian Martin Newlands Lane Ashfield
3rd £75 694 Bob Atkinson Clevelands Road Burnley
4th £50 768 Bob Tyson High Portinscale Keswick
5th £25 84 Alan Chadwick Bellaport Gardens Harrington
R/O £25 882 Gilbert Fletcher Lakeland View Moorclose

The £300 Rollover prize was not won, December Rollover Jackpot stands at £400.

Drawn by RANDOM.ORG random number generator on Tue 2 Dec, witnessed by Geoff Smallwood.

(The Rollover Jackpot increases by £100 per month if not won, up to a maximum of £1,500, at which stage it must be won).

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