Supporters Club ‘War chest’ Team – Strengthening Fundraiser for 2018/19

One of the reasons why I (and possibly others) don’t “dig deep” often enough to support the Reds financially, is the notion that it is just a “drop in the ocean” and it won’t really make that much difference to the Red’s situation?
Perhaps people would be happier to give if they felt the burden was being shared with others too.
For a whole host of reasons not everyone can afford to donate the same amount of money, nor should anyone expect it.
I would like to propose a fundraising initiative that takes this into account and empowers our supporter base to give the club a significant “war chest” for the forthcoming season and delivers it in a timely manner.
I appreciate that to a degree I am “asking the same people who always fork out” but I hope that everyone would agree that it is better that everyone contributes a little – rather than relying on a few people to dig deep.

Stage 1
Five hundred supporters commit to paying £10 to the club, through the Supporters club accounts.
Total so far £5,000+

Stage 2
With stage one being successful, this activates 100 donors pledged to pay £100 each.
Total so far £15,000+

Stage 3
The success of stage two activates 20 donors paying £250 each.
Total so far £20,000+

Stage 4
“The Big Backslap” – buoyed by raising an amazing amount relatively painlessly…..everyone repeats the initial £10 donation!

Total raised £25,000
+ A lot of optimism for the season ahead – Priceless
This could raise the club £25,000 – for less than the cost of two home games for the majority of the donors.

What better way to impress potential sponsors, potential new players and most importantly our talented and dedicated existing players that we mean business in Season 2018/19?

To start the ball rolling… I am pledging to pay £10 + £100 + £250 + £10.

I will also pay out of my own pocket – a £100 prize and two £50 prizes in a simple raffle of stage one participants (if stage 1 is achieved) – so do not forget to fill in your name and contact number.


Brian White (on behalf of the Workington AFC Supporters Club)

To download a ‘War chest 2018/19’ pledge form use the link below.

‘War chest’ pledge form link

To pay donation by PayPal hit the Donate button below.

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