World Cup Score Prediction competition

How well can you predict the outcome of the Russia 2018 matches?
Challenge your friends and colleagues.

For each of the 48 group-stage matches, you simply predict the scoreline.
For each of the 16 knockout-phase games, you predict the scoreline and includes penalty shootout option if the match is drawn.

Scoring points
For each of your predictions, you will score points for:
– Predicting the correct result (i.e. Portugal to win)
– Predicting the correct scoreline (i.e. Portugal to win 3-1)
– Predicting the correct margin of victory (i.e. Portugal to win by two goals)
– Predicting the correct number of goals scored (i.e. four goals in the match)

Bonus Points
– Group Winner and Runner Up correct prediction
– Group Winner correct prediction only
– Group Runner-Up correct prediction only
– Qualified 2 teams (swapped group position)
– Qualified 1 team only (incorrect group position)
– 16 qualified teams
– 12 to 15 qualified teams
– 8 to 11 qualified teams
– Correct Knock Out Bracket Pairing Matches
– Champion correct prediction
– 2nd Place correct prediction
– 3rd Place correct prediction
– Best Player correct prediction
– Top Scorer correct prediction

Fill out your predictions in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and submit.
(A Google Sheets version is available if you don’t have access to Microsoft Office. Coaching on how to use Google Sheets is available).

£10 donation to enter with a 50% prize money, 50% ‘Supporters Club War chest’ split.

Use the contact form below to register your interest and information on how to donate and how to obtain entry spreadsheet will be emailed.

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