Official Supporters Club relaunch

Workington Reds are relaunching the Official Supporters Club – to bring all independent fan groups together and have supporters and the club fighting stronger as one.

The club is extremely grateful for all the efforts of supporters in raising vital funds every season, contributing to the running costs and allowing the board and managers to bring in new players.

Looking across our league, it is clear that Reds have one of the strongest and most generous fanbases.

Even so, the saying ‘strength in numbers’ is particularly true at our club.

We have a number of independent fan groups, as well as the Official Supporters Club, and we feel that each fundraising initiative would be stronger and even more successful if we all worked together to make them bigger and better.

Also, there are a limited number of local businesses with the ability or desire to support us financially, and there are a number of sports clubs in the area targeting the same sources.

Instead of three or four groups approaching these companies on behalf of Workington AFC, we believe it would put us in a more professional light and lead to us securing more funds if each approach was from an Official Supporters Club which included passionate members of the independent fan groups.

We now want to hear from independent groups and offer the chance for new people to have leading roles in the future of the Official Supporters Club.

Whether or not these groups come on board, the football club as a whole will be making greater efforts to attract more fans to become members of the Official Supporters Club.

We will be keeping members up to date on all teams wearing our famous badge – from the first team and the reserves to the women’s team and juniors.

We will also be looking at new ways to reward club members for their valued support.

If you have any comments, thoughts or ideas, please contact us with the form below.

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