War Chest Update – August 2018

Everyone associated with the Reds seems to be pleased with the War Chest initiative so far.

It has enabled the management team to go out and secure some quality players, and hopefully other signings are on their radar!

A number of people have expressed a desire for the initiative to continue throughout the season. However we are anxious for a successful campaign not to just fizzle out.

Equally we are mindful not to compete with established match day fundraising, which has kept our club afloat over the years.

This is our solution…….

The Victory Bond. A private members lottery, initially targeting for 200 members, paying £5.00/month by standing order.

Sixty per cent of the proceeds will be returned as money prizes, and in fact, in August there will be prizes with an equivalent value of 84% of proceeds – in order to encourage recruitment…. A bit better than taking the king’s shilling!

• A First Prize of £500 (or 50% of the proceeds)(£500 based on a estimated 200 entrants)
• A Second Prize of £50 (or 5% of the proceeds)
• A Third Prize of £50 (or 5% of the proceeds)
• For August only – three pairs of Away Game Packages worth £80 each, at a fixture of your choice. (return coach travel plus £40 expenses/pair)

Note: It was intended that this lottery will be serviced 100% by standing order and prizes paid out by bank transfer. (The exception will be the first draw at the end of August 2018, where we will happily accept a cash payment.)

We are doing this to preserve our free time, and make participation easier for everyone. However, we do not wish to exclude supporters who do not bank online, so we will collect cash from members, as well.

Subsequent monthly draws will take place at half time – at the last home fixture of the month where practical.

Draw results, draw dates and times will all be communicated by a group email.

All proceeds after prizes are paid, will go to the ongoing War Chest initiative.

If we are successful in selling the Victory Bond – we hope to have a useful sum collected by December 2018, to allow further team strengthening.

As of 23.08.18. – we have 54 members.

To enter, please leave your contact details on one of the sheets circulating, or contact Brian White on 07854719932 or preferably on b.white59@live.co.uk

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